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Universidad de La Laguna — Flipped classrooms & Wooclap


Wooclap was recently mentioned in a video featuring Prof. Enrique Quintero and Prof. Manuel Hernández, both educators at the Universidad de La Laguna.

The two colleagues discussed a revolution in the way medicine is taught, a revolution centred around flipped classrooms. In their eyes, teachers should no longer be the protagonists in their classrooms, but classes should revolve around students and their role in their own education.

Teachers used to prepare entire courses, which they’d introduce to their students by assuming a very active role, while students played the part of passive recipients of information. Modern teaching methods are turning students away from mere note-taking, and giving them a chance to actively contribute to the learning process.

Using tools like Wooclap to prepare their courses, teachers are encouraged to make the switch from active to interactive, thereby enjoying vastly greater input from their students.

“With the experience we have had this year, we need to include our colleagues in this new method of education”.

With participation rates at an all time high, rather than teaching 20 students, the two professors now face audiences of up to 140 students, all coming to class to take part in more interactive learning sessions.


Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

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