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PARNASSE-ISEI uses Wooclap to Improve Participation Rates & Motivation among Students


We met with Audrey Dedonder who teaches at The Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci in classes of 25 students.

One of the main issues she has to deal with, is her students’ lack of motivation and interaction in the classroom. She admits the topic she teaches (Research methodology) may not be very attractive to her students. In an attempt to remedy the situation, she has tried taking attendance, among other methods, but quickly realised this caused student motivation to fall to a new low.

On a fateful Friday, one of her students from the Faculty of Public Health (UCL) told her about Wooclap.

The following Monday, she was ready to teach her first class with Wooclap’s assistance. To test its usefulness, she asked her students to come to class, equipped with their devices, only if they were motivated to do so (she wouldn’t take attendance).

Using Wooclap, her main objectives were to:

  • Make her class attractive to her students
  • Create a desire to learn the material
  • Make her class more enjoyable
  • Motivate students to come without any obligations

“I wanted to make my course both more attractive and more enjoyable to my students, to inspire them to learn.”

Her first Wooclap experience was a success. Students’ enthusiasm spread to other subgroups and, thanks to curiosity, every one of their peers wanted to come and see the platform. Thanks to Wooclap, participation rates soared to new heights.

Professor Dedonder likes to ask the attending students questions before and after class, to try and understand their mood and level of understanding of the material. The post-Wooclap results were far beyond her expectations.

  • Before that class, most students had little enthusiasm, and even less motivation.
  • After the class, however, the average motivation was well above the mean, and important concepts mentioned in class were not only understood, but retained.

Students did not even ask for the usual break between the two hours of class !”

Everyone agrees that young people spend too much time on their smartphones, but is it really worth fighting this losing battle? It is time to look for new solutions that spark the public’s interest, and Wooclap answers that need. Let’s use smartphones to turn students into active contributors to their education.

“Rather than fighting smartphones, it is time to transform them into exceptional and interactive learning tools.”

Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

Josephine is marketing manager at Wooclap. Cupcake guru and chief happiness officer in her spare times, you will also find her stuffing her coworkers’ bellies with plenty of delicious treats.
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