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How to grab the attention of your students and create a better learning atmosphere?

Wooclap has a wide range of applications, and depending on the context and the user, the platform might be used in a different way. Here are some of Audrey Dedonder’s tips and tricks, as well as her feedback about real time interaction in the classroom.

Audrey Dedonder, Assistant professor at Parnasse-ISEI

Audrey Dedonder, assistant professor at Parnasse-ISEI (Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci), explains her experience with Wooclap/

What to remember from this meeting ?

  1. At the beginning of the class, ask some warm-up questions to probe the motivation of your students
  2. To capture the attention of your students, ask a Wooclap question every 10 minutes
  3. Vary your types of questions to create surprise and keep the attention of your students
  4. At the end of the course, ask your students to rate their satisfaction with the course.
Justine Gerard

Justine Gerard

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