Do you dislike inappropriate answers? So do we!


Some participants may, on occasion, have a little too much fun when answering open questions, leaving you with a bad joke -or worse, for everyone to see.

Fear no longer, for we have bestowed upon you the power to preserve your presentation’s integrity. Indeed, these unwanted messages shall henceforth be banished to the trash by your hand, thereby restoring peace and honour to your name, should you wish it.

How does this work?

  1. Select the “view as a list” display option (in green below).


  1. Click on the “x” to delete the answer you wish to remove from your presentation.


Please share any ideas or feedback you might have with us, because we strive for - and thrive on - self-improvement.

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Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

Josephine is marketing manager at Wooclap. Cupcake guru and chief happiness officer in her spare times, you will also find her stuffing her coworkers’ bellies with plenty of delicious treats.