Wooclap’s case: Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016 by BNP Paribas Fortis

“Learn about the new era of collaboration and innovation”

This was the guiding principle for the Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016 (CSWEUROPE16), one of Europe’s biggest crowd economy conference. This event was organized at BNP Paribas Fortis in Brussels.

Crowdsourcing Week Europe BNP Paribas fortis with Wooclap

Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016

This event was meant to discover the best practices in crowdsourcing but also in the collaborative economy. Those topics are currently changing our society, mindsets and the possibilities in the industries.

For 5 Days, about 80 speakers relayed one another in more than 60 sessions to rewrite the rules of Crowdsourcing, Smart Cities, Crowdfunding, Collective Intelligence, Co-creation & Peer-to-Peer, Sharing Economy and the Internet of Things (IoT), providing an endless source of inspiration, ideas, skills and insights for the audience.

The speakers who were present at the event are disruptive innovators and they support the importance of the shift toward the new crowd economy. They came from 6 continents, 30 countries and 19 sectors. They were executives, CEO’s, managers, founders, partners, students and members of the academic sector.

Crowdsourcing Week Europe BNP Paribas fortis with Wooclap

Wooclap at CSW 2016

Besides all this inspiration and opportunities to learn, the CSW offered a lot of various collective intelligence opportunities thanks to interactions and workshops, and i.a. thanks to Wooclap.

As the week and the conferences went by, people received notes with the link to connect and answer a series of questions about the different topics previously named. With the help of the feature “satisfaction survey” in the “surveys” side of Wooclap, the audience answered questions about Collaborative & Inclusive Society (8 open questions), Education & Future of Employability (6 open questions), Energy transition and ecology (6 Open Questions) and Smart Cities & Mobility (8 open questions).

During the many presentations and speeches, Wooclap was also regularly used to put more interactivity, to engage the audience and to make each and every conference more unique.

“_This event was a total success and thanks to Wooclap, we were able to put into practice all the key words of this week: collaboration, innovation, interactivity, learning, collective intelligence._” — Aymeric Olibet, Business Developer at BNP Paribas Fortis.

Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016 with Wooclap

Live polling of the audience’s opinion about having a basic income (Wooclap MCQ)

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