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Wooclap’s new features


We are proud to present some new features that have been developed.

  1. Switch from your PowerPoint presentation to the participants’ questions in one click
  2. A complete event report
  3. Display the results of a test or a poll question by question
  4. Zoom on an image
  5. The new moderator interface

Go to Wooclap’s website to test the new features and improve your event’s interactivity !

Wooclap’s feature 1: The transition from the presentation to the participants’ questions.

It is now possible to switch from your PowerPoint to the wall of questions in one click during your course of conference, without having to go via the administrator’s interface.

Many users had asked to be able to display the participants’ questions directly from the presentation (B), and the Wooclap team is proud to say that your wishes have been answered with this improvement.

We decided to go one step further by adding a small notification feature, which shows the number of questions that have been asked. You are now able to see in real time if participants are asking questions, and to decide when you want to display them to the audience.

event Wooclap

Wooclap event

Wooclap’s feature 2: A complete event report

You are now able to access a complete event report incorporating the results of each question. You are of course still able to export these results in Excel in order to process them as desired.

Here is an example of the report showing the results question by question.

Wooclap event

Here is an example of the report in table form. Each participant’s answers as well as their respective scores are visible.

Wooclap event

Wooclap’s feature 3: Display the results of a test or a poll question by question

Suppose that you asked the participants to answer a series of questions before your event in order to present and comment on the answers question by question. This is now possible by clicking on “show results”, allowing you to display the results to your audience in order to comment on those you want.

Wooclap event

Wooclap’s feature 4: Zoom on an image

Wooclap allows you to place images both in a question and in the possible answers in polls and multiple choices. As some images need to be projected full screen in order to be properly seen, we have added a zoom enabling you to enlarge an image for several seconds, allowing the audience the time to analyze it.


Wooclap’s feature 5: The new moderator interface

You are now able to control an event completely from a second computer (or tablet). The moderator interface is not visible to the audience and allows you to approve your participants’ comments, to activate the questions and presentations when required and to manage the entire event.

Wooclap event

Wooclap event

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Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan CTO & co-founder at Wooclap, a collaborative tech solution that boosts engagement in class and training