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Offer students a different experience with the Photo Wall

Keep things fun with the Photo Wall

As teachers and students react to a global lockdown, schools and universities turn to EdTech companies like Wooclap to answer a simple question: “How do we offer students a qualitative education from home?”. Since learning is very much dependent on one’s mindset, here’s another question: “How do we keep things fun?”

We at Wooclap believe students are most entertained when they get to express themselves in different ways, whether they are sharing their thoughts, knowledge, interests, or preferences. Thanks to this latest product update, the Photo Wall, they can even send pictures !

If you’re a long-time Wooclap user, chances are you’re familiar with the Message Wall (and if you’re not, well, everyone has to start somewhere. Why not start here?). In a distance learning context, the Message Wall is particularly useful, because you can use it to:

  • Collect the students’ questions throughout your presentation and display them at a time of your choosing;
  • Get rid of irrelevant questions and emphasise interesting ones;
  • Let the students upvote each other’s questions.

Now, by turning on a simple setting, you can also allow students to add pictures to the questions they post on the message wall and to their answers to open questions. This is not a default setting, it’s up to you to decide whether or not your students can send pictures.

Allow students to send images on Wooclap's message wall

If you have trouble breaking the ice at the start of a lecture, you can kick things off by asking students to send in a funny image. You could extend a challenge by asking them to tell a story in a single photo or to add a picture of the mathematical reasoning behind their answer. Or maybe you’re an avid collector of kitten images and you’re looking for a way to crowdsource your hobby. Whatever the case, in these trying times, it’s important to remember that school is not only about learning; it’s also very much about the experience.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to start a lecture or a new challenge to present to your students, this new feature can help you do things in a different and refreshing way. What will your students’ online classroom experience be like?

In our mission to improve education for all, we try to offer any assistance we can to help you achieve learning continuity. To learn more about our offers for institutions at different levels, click here.

Gauthier Lebbe

Gauthier Lebbe

Content Editor @ Wooclap, interested in and excited about applying EdTech to the educational needs of today’s students