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New feature: Slide


Wooclap’s Team is happy to announce the addition of its newest feature, the “quick slide”.

The idea is to add a single slide to the list of questions you have created. Through that slide, you can share information regarding the wifi, for example. The objective is to give you the chance to quickly add information you forgot to mention in your presentation, thereby facilitating use of the platform, while making it more complete.

Shown below is the location of the feature on the speaker’s interface:


This is what the added slide will look like:


Voilà! We hope that this addition will further enhance your Wooclap experience!

Please share with us any ideas or feedback, because we strive for, and thrive on, self-improvement.


The ever-so-dedicated Wooclap Team.

Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

Josephine is marketing manager at Wooclap. Cupcake guru and chief happiness officer in her spare times, you will also find her stuffing her coworkers’ bellies with plenty of delicious treats.
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