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Launching Wooclap’s Moodle plug-in

Launching Wooclap’s Moodle plug-in

Some of you might remember Wooclap announced a first, small-scale integration with Moodle back in March, which allowed users to import and export files across both platforms. While this is convenient, we saw more potential in that venture.

That is why, over the summer, our team developed the Moodle integration more in-depth to grant users of both platforms a more comfortable experience.

Through Moodle, users will have access to a “Wooclap activity”, to create Wooclap content while on their Moodle account. In addition, results of a Wooclap event (i.e. students’ answers) will be able to be synchronised on Moodle, giving teachers an individual overview of student performance.

As always, should you have suggestions for potential improvements of the platform, make sure to let us know; feedback is always highly appreciated!

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Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

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