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Instantly react to audience contributions with Quick Questions

Instantly react to audience contributions with Quick Questions

Some teachers like to prepare lectures in detail. Others prefer to leave some space for improvised activities, anecdotes, and discussions. At any rate, as a teacher, you need to be able to adapt to unexpected developments in the classroom.

However, if you stumble upon an interesting question which you didn’t think of when preparing the lecture, you’d have a hard time conjuring that Wooclap quizz out of thin air. Until now.

Thanks to the Quick Questions, creating real-time interactions during your presentation is a matter of seconds. That way, you can build on your learners’ contributions to improve student engagement and maintain your lecture’s momentum.

Create real-time interactions in a matter of seconds

According to Maastricht University’s Blended Learning and Information Specialist Barend Last, “Quick questions was one of the most requested features by our teaching staff. During presentations, teachers often come across new questions they want to ask their students. Having a quick and easy way to set these up, without having to leave the presentation on Wooclap, saves time and creates further interaction. Education made smooth and simple! »

Quick Questions are already available to help you react and adapt to your audience as your presentation unfolds.

Test this new feature on your Wooclap account now or create an account for free here if you’re not with us yet!

Gauthier Lebbe

Gauthier Lebbe

Content Editor @ Wooclap, interested in and excited about applying EdTech to the educational needs of today’s students