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Edit presentations: drag, drop, done!


We want to help users save their most valuable commodity: their time. This latest product update does so in two ways.

First, it makes it easier to insert questions into a presentation: simply drag & drop questions in between slides. It also has the added benefit of showing you a preview of each slide so you can review its content.


This brings us to our second point: updating the content of the presentation. If you’re not a Woozard (that’s a Wooclap wizard), here’s how Wooclap works:

  1. Create a presentation on PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.;

  2. Create questions on Wooclap;

  3. Insert these questions into the presentation;

  4. Have a drink (optional).

But what happens if you’re sipping on a well-earned martini and realise there’s a typo in one of your slides? Do you have to start all over again? No, you don’t. You only have to upload a corrected version of your slide and add it to your presentation.


Any thoughts? Make sure to let the team know!

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Gauthier Lebbe

Gauthier Lebbe

Content Editor @ Wooclap, interested in and excited about applying EdTech to the educational needs of today’s students