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What are the digital learning trends that will shape 2017 ?

Let’s start 2017 with an overview of what is going to trend for all the digital teachers, trainers and learners out there.

More and more HR people and managers are interested in going digital for the training sessions in their companies and are ready to imitate the many teachers who are flipping their classroom, digitizing their teaching or going for blended learning.

The HR department and digital learning

Thanks to digital learning, welcoming new co-workers can become easier. The HR workers will be able to offer digital training to newcomers in order to facilitate their arrival. How ? By offering them to take quizzes, questions, simulations of situations they will be facing at work, …

With new tools and platforms, companies are able to mix up their own vision and contents with “official” and theoretical contents. They can create their own questions and put them in the form they want. For a better pedagogic approach, the best situation would be to alternate live face-to-face training sessions and digital ones.

Make training programs more accessible through mobile

Time is a luxury component in the worker’s life. People want a quick access to information and training and want it to be accessible anytime and anywhere whether they are in the train, at work or at home.

Thanks to mobile learning, training sessions can be shortened which will allow to focus on the important points. The ideal solution would be to mix deeper and longer training session to really understand the topic with “micro learning” which allows to insist on some parts of the subject and to remind the employees and trainees some concepts from time to time.


Place the learner in the heart of the training program

Now is the time for personalization. Adapting to your learners is definitely a factor of engagement and retention. Do not hesitate to analyze the interests, objectives and paths as well as their learning preferences.

This year, learners will be actors of their own training. To give companies a gentle push in this direction, some platforms and apps have been developed to share content with learners in small groups or individually, and they can “share back” text, polls, and even images (Wooclap being one of them).

Blended Learning at its finest hour

Whether it is in 2017 or later, organization-wide blended learning has great chances to become the norm. Obviously direct instruction will stay where it is appropriate but other forms of teaching and learning will continue to grow to use the advantages of technology and allow a more individual approach to the learning process.


Educators, trainers and employees will go for digital collaboration

Students are always pushed to collaborate and yet in the business world, ideas and practices are often divided according to subject area, department, or company. In 2017, it is predicted that more educators will come together to learn from each other.

It has been the case with gamification in 2016 and thanks to this sharing of information, learning has reached a balanced mix of meaningful content, social learning, and strategies that embrace 21st-century skills.

Just embrace the new technologies

It is easy to get lost in the ocean of new technologies and programs that are developed every day. However, you do not need to over equip your company with lots of electronics — just keep it simple. After analyzing your company’s needs and which technologies could match them, pick the apps, platforms or websites matching those needs and only those ones.Shake up your training sessions !

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan CTO & co-founder at Wooclap, a collaborative tech solution that boosts engagement in class and training