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The Notion of Interaction: “We need to rethink it”


The interactive experience is not just a time for debates and questions. It’s part of it, but it’s also a time for discussion and exchange, where we come to serve the theory.

How can we reconcile interaction?

First, interaction must be based on two aspects:

  1. The temporal aspect: It is necessary to dedicate time to interaction.

  2. The human units: Classically, there is the teacher and then the pupils, taken either collectively or individually. So there are 3 different forms of unity. If the pupils are made to work in duo, trio, 4 or 5, we will create new forms of units that will use new skills. We can even forget about the teacher unit if necessary, as the teacher lives the experience with them.

    • Create “vacuum times” to highlight the interaction. This corresponds to moments during which the teacher leaves the students by themselves to see how they are doing without his/her help.
    • Change of posture. It is no longer about being vertical with the students but rather next to them. It is a way of letting go, taking distance from the experience brought to the student. However, we propose an experiment, we do not impose it. An experiment is good when it is accepted, when it is proposed rather than imposed.
    • The teacher can put himself on the same level as the students and learn with them.
    • Create a universe involving more students (storytelling).
    • Never lose the pedagogical purpose.
    • Today we can interact outside of the classroom. Digital creates new experience.
    • Rethink the room to promote interaction. A pleasant place allows interaction (physical or digital place).

What are the tools to create interactions?

  1. Numbers

  2. Postit

  3. Digital tools

  4. Rethinking the place to foster interactions → Pleasant place helps foster interaction

Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

Josephine is marketing manager at Wooclap. Cupcake guru and chief happiness officer in her spare times, you will also find her stuffing her coworkers’ bellies with plenty of delicious treats.
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