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GUEST Blogger: Yannig Raffenel Points Out the Top Three Mistakes to Avoid When Creating A Training…


Yannig Raffenel is responsible for EdTech & Digital Learning projects at MAIF. According to him, the most common mistakes educators make when developing a learning programme, are to:

  • Take command of a course and dive right into the content
  • Start creating content, using different tools, without having evaluated the prerequisites, and without having any clear objective
  • Get lost in a maze of content without giving any meaning or direction to what they are doing.

To perform pedagogical engineering is to guide in a certain direction, and once that direction is lost, or if it was never there to begin with, or if it was never even questioned by those that follow, then one is sure to end up with something that, though it may relay or emphasize a certain message, is anything but education.

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Justine Gerard

Justine Gerard

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