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GUEST Blogger: Philippe Lacroix Explains What Rapid Learning Is and What the Rapid Aspect Is About


Philippe Lacroix is co-founder of the International Learning and Development Institute (IL&DI), a consulting firm specialised in innovation regarding training and Digital Learning. He explains what rapid learning is and what the rapid aspect is about.

Rapid Learning, micro learning, nano learning… There are so many new « learnings », we don’t know what to make of them anymore. Let’s focus on Rapid Learning. Does it mean people learn faster, or is it a way to accelerate production? What can Rapid Learning be used for anyway?

Rapid e-learning Development, or Rapid Learning, is a way to produce online courses in a smaller time frame. Damn, so it isn’t a revolutionary method for fast learning! Indeed, we can forget about that initial thought of speeding up the learning process thanks to Rapid Learning. Despite its many added benefits, the digital age has not yet produced a magical recipe to drastically shorten individual learning paces.

One thing’s for sure: Rapid Learning requires the use of online tools (often referred to as authoring systems), which allow anyone to create and produce content online, faster and at a lower cost. No specific IT, graphic design, or multimedia teaching engineering skills required.

These tools are what make Rapid Learning… well, rapid, but this method still requires reflection. Otherwise, the end result will resemble fast food; it will be obtained quickly, but it won’t be attractive, and it won’t be consumed.

Justine Gerard

Justine Gerard

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