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Blended Learning Blog n°7: Integrating Technology Into Teaching and Learning


Before starting the design of your class content, it is important to identify the content that you already have both physical and digital. By doing so, it should help you distinguish which course materials you will be able to reuse, which ones you have to adapt, and which ones you will have to create.

In a second time, you will pick what sequence you want this content to be presented in, and then decide which class content should be delivered online and the one to be delivered in-class.

It’s important to start simple. Blended learning is a model that is still evolving. In this sense, students and teachers might hit some bumps in the road at first. When and if students start getting frustrated because it gets too complicated to navigate through the course, they might lose motivation and become dissatisfied with the course and this new type of learning model.

If this is the case, you can try to reduce these risks by not doing too much. Try to be selective when choosing which technological toolsyou first integrate into your course.

When the moment comes to decide which tools to use, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have experience using the tool?
  • Do I have a teaching assistant or a course team member who can offer technical support if a tool doesn’t work?
  • Does the learning tool help improve and develop the learning objectives of the course, and how?
  • Does the learning tool create extra work for the students? Does the added value of the tool outweigh the extra work?

Today it is important that teacher learn to experiment and innovate in order to improve pedagogical practices. They should do so in a gradual and strategic manner and make sure to master the tools used to innovate.

Justine Gerard

Justine Gerard

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