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Blended Learning Blog n°6 : 8 Essential Skills Students Must Have To Be Successful


Terrence Doyle (2008) has made a list of all eight skills that students need to focus on and cultivate in order to be successful at school but also in life.

These skills are the following:

  1. Students need to know how to learn on their own.
  2. Students need to develop the communication skills required to collaborate with others
  3. Students need to be more in charge of their own learning
  4. Students need to learn how to teach others
  5. Students need to learn how to make presentations
  6. Students need to develop and acquire lifelong learning skills
  7. Students need to develop their metacognitive skills
  8. Students need to develop their abilities to assess themselves, their peers, and their teachers.
Justine Gerard

Justine Gerard

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