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7 Ideas to Avoid Boring PowerPoint Presentations!


We can assure you, an interactive powerpoint presentation is a memorable one. It encourages your audience to sit up straight and listen to what you are saying, rather than find the most comfortable sitting position to sleep in. A bored audience is a forgetful and undesirable one. To spare you and your listeners this ordeal, here are 7 ways Wooclap can wake up, excite, and inform your audience through entertaining interactions.

According to neuropsychologist Olivier Verdin, your participants need more “cuts”, as they say in Hollywood, referring to the action of switching from one presentation style to another (i.e. from a traditional lecture to interactive behaviour). By adding these cuts to your presentation, you change your presentation’s pace and style, and consequently the attitude of its participants.

1. Break the ice to attract attention

An icebreaker is a great way to start your presentation, because it introduces interactivity in low-energy environments.

Icebreakers are often used to help people get to know each other without direct interaction. In this case, they facilitate the introduction of a subject through personal reflection. Wooclap’s Word clouds are an effective way to start a discussion and push your audience to become engaged from the very start.

Audience members use the tools (smartphones, tablets, computers) at their disposal to answer inquiries, and those answers are displayed in real time to give everyone, including you, a good idea of the opinions shared throughout the audience.

2. Adapt the pace of the presentation to your audience

Thanks to Wooclap’s numerous features, you have a great overview of your audience’s’ capabilities at your disposal. Ask your questions and answer theirs, find out where their interests lie and identify problems, all of this in real time. By testing their knowledge, you can instantly evaluate their competences and adapt the structure of that presentation to their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Incorporate audience feedback via open questions into your presentation

Open questions open up a dialogue between the speaker and his/her audience. Because people answer through their phones — and not in person — they are free to leave honest feedback without public scrutiny. In addition, Wooclap gives you the option to identify participants or to allows anonymous participation.

4. Use quizzes to build anticipation

Quizzing the audience before or after a key point in your presentation is a great way to capture their attention and focus and gauge their understanding. It also helps transform spontaneous ideas into long term knowledge.

Results can be displayed or hidden — the choice is up to you. Wait until the opportune moment to reveal everyone’s answers and draw their attention to your explanations. This delay keeps participants focused on your message, and the increased suspense counteracts any short attention spans. So, invite your audience to take a seat, but they will only need the edge.

5. Videos give you a chance to catch your breath

Add Youtube, Vimeo, and other videos to your presentation, to give yourself, as well as the audience, a break. Including a video in your presentation changes its flow and allows people to relax before focusing again. In addition, visual stimuli are a great way to relay information and increase retention.

6. Make feedback a two-way street

Wooclap allows audience interaction even after your PowerPoint ends, by creating a report containing the results, exported either in PDF or Excel format. Share this report with your audience, online or as a printed version. For public speakers, these reports offer valuable insight into how they can improve the content of their presentation, while simultaneously giving the audience an idea of what they have learned.

7. Turn presentations into a competition

Create an unforgettable PowerPoint experience with live, interactive polls in a competition powered by Wooclap. Offer your audience a sensational experience and display a ranking of the top 5 participants. Wooclap’s competition mode stimulates participation and makes your presentations even livelier.

Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

Josephine is marketing manager at Wooclap. Cupcake guru and chief happiness officer in her spare times, you will also find her stuffing her coworkers’ bellies with plenty of delicious treats.
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