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5 Reasons to Use Voting Devices

Why use a voting device?

Here are 5 reasons put forward by Vincent Laberge, a Research Officer at ETS and Eric Francoeur, a lecturer at ETS


  1. Fun and motivating, these devices make it possible to revitalize the course, especially in the context of teaching in large groups. They are known to keep distracted students’ attention and to reduce absenteeism.
  2. The anonymity of the respondents in relation to their colleagues allows complete student participation, including those who are reluctant to express themselves in public.
  3. The teacher can question the class before teaching the course. This allows them to assess the students’ previous knowledge and thus better adjust their teaching.
  4. The voting devices provide quick feedback during the course and a validation of students’ understanding of the subject.
  5. Voting devices facilitate the debating of ideas for questions that lend themselves less well to answers voiced aloud, such as those dealing with ethics or personal opinions.
Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan CTO & co-founder at Wooclap, a collaborative tech solution that boosts engagement in class and training