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5 alternatives to PowerPoint


Hard to imagine a presentation without slides to guide you and your audience nowadays. Even harder sometimes is to imagine using another tool than Microsoft’s Powerpoint to create those slides. Here is a list of 5 alternative tools to design your presentation.


Apple, the biggest competitor of Microsoft in all fields also has its own presentation tool. Most obvious alternative from this list, Keynote is also the one that’s closest to Powerpoint in its features. Keynote differentiate itself from the other giant by its user-friendliness and easier multimedia integration. The big drawback is that making presentation with Keynote generally takes more time than with Powerpoint.


Prezi is the big challenger of Powerpoint and Keynote. It revolutionised the way slides are made. By combining animations, zooms and transitions, Prezi is an easy solution to create a solution that will impress your audience. Its easy to use thanks to its models that can be personalised. There a multiple paid options but the free plan give you enough to play with.

Google Slides

Very similar to Powerpoint, Google Slides has all the benefits of being part of the Google Apps. Its easy to share and and can be edited by multiple users at the same time.


Already a part of our article about infographics, Visme is a real online graphic studio. Next to presentations and infographics, it also helps you create reports and graphs. Without a doubt one of the best tools in its category.


Also on in our infographics article, Canva is an incredibly versatile tool every designer or content creator should know. Use it to create banners, posters, cards, slides and so on. While Canva lets you do alot of different things, it isn’t the best one for making slides. We recommend the tool for all its features but if creating slides is your only goal, you should consider another tool.

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan CTO & co-founder at Wooclap, a collaborative tech solution that boosts engagement in class and training