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3 Mistakes to avoid when creating a training course:


Here below are three common mistakes to avoid when creating a training course according to EdTech Expert, Yannig Raffenel.

The most common mistakes educators make when developing a programme are to:

  • take command of a course and dive right into the content
  • start creating content, using different tools, without having evaluated the prerequisites, and without having any clear objective
  • get lost in a maze of content without giving any meaning or direction to what they are doing.

To perform teaching engineering is to guide in a certain direction. Once that direction is lost, or if it was never there to begin with, or if it was never even questioned by those that follow, then one is sure to end up with something that, though it may relay or emphasise a certain message, is anything but education.

#nofilter Three tips for creating a good training course

The correct way to create a course is to avoid diving into the course content, and revisiting the fundamentals of teaching engineering. This means:

#1 Placing the student at the heart of the course

What must the student know or be able to do once (s)he has taken finished the programme?

#2 Building pyramids of objectives, for which you have a clear purpose, and a way to evaluate the effectiveness of the tasks you have asked your applicants to perform. If you do so, you can ask yourself how to best illustrate that content, or in other words;

#3 What is the most applicable media you can use?

By respecting these three steps, your programme will stay the course and you will have created something truly effective.

Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

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