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From paper to digital: TestWe’s e-Assessment

TestWe offers a solution to digitize the entire assessment process

People often talk about a revolution in education through the development of the Edtech (Educational Technology) industry. Granted, there are more and more tools being developed to improve learning, teaching, and change habits.

However, when we look at tests and assessments, we see few real changes. Strange, considering exams are a determining factor in a learner’s academic success!

Tests and evaluations are still mainly given on paper and add little value to learning. They even play a role in the existence of the skills gap by creating a competitive relationship between learners with grades that end up being the only real objective of their academic career.

In addition, exams on paper involve crazy logistics: high costs, a lot of time, and many steps to follow.

That’s why Clément Régnier and Charles Zhu decided they would find a different solution.

Created in 2014, TestWe offers institutions of Higher Education and Training, as well as companies, a solution to digitize the entire assessment process, from the creation of a test to the delivery of the certification/diploma/badge.

TestWe’s quite simple to use. Have a look at this video:

Who benefits from using e-Exams?

The short answer is: everyone. Teachers save time on creating and managing an exam that they can re-assign to more educational tasks.

Thanks to a data analysis tool, they are now also able to link learning and scoring, or test new teaching methods and quickly retrieve results.

Learners gain flexibility because they can take the tests on their own computer, at home or in the classroom, and even on a chosen date in some cases.

Administrations save significant amounts of time and money and have the opportunity to have a global view of their students’ learning and skills.

TestWe has already proven that its model can work: the team has more than twenty-five customers in 10 countries and more than 1,500.00 exams have already been passed on TestWe by more than 125,000 students.

To give you an idea of ​​the implementation of such a system in schools, take a look at the Rennes School of Business’ case study.

TestWe is obviously not the only e-Exam solution on the market, so why choose them over another solution?

In addition to simplifying a heavy process for schools, TestWe is regularly recognized for the quality of its support. Available at all times, the team of the young French company often go to its partners’ campuses to play the role of mediators, teachers, and trainers and alleviate the anxiety of administrations to operate such a change of habit.

If you’re looking for an e-Assessment tool, here it is!

And if you don’t know exactly what an e-Assessment tool is, click here to see what it can do!



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