Wooclap is an EdTech tool that allows students to play a role in their own learning

About us

Generation Z is continuously trying to have experiences everywhere… Including in the classroom. In addition, researchers in neurosciences have determined that students' attention drastically decreases after 10 minutes.
By creating the web platform Wooclap, the founders aimed to disrupt the field of education.

Instead of fighting smartphones, Wooclap transforms them into an exceptional learning tools.

With Wooclap, the idea is to make classes more enjoyable, more efficient, and most importantly, to improve the quality of lectures.

Our history

Sébastien LEBBE

CEO @ Wooclap

We are passionate about education, technology, and neurosciences. Our ambition is to make teaching fun and effective, around the world.

Jonathan ALZETTA

CTO @ Wooclap

The teaching of tomorrow will be personalised, exciting, collaborative and geared towards experiences.

Sébastien Lebbe (CEO) and Jonathan Alzetta (CTO) Studied engineering at l'Ecole Polytechnique of Brussels.

Passionate about education and technology, they acknowledged that instructors have an increasingly difficult time trying to captivate their students. Therefore, they had the idea of using smartphones, often considered as a source of distraction, to enable students to interact with their professors.

Since the creation of Wooclap, Sébastien and Jonathan surrounded themselves with neuroscience researchers, pedagogic professors and engineers to develop features that improve memorisation and comprehension of students.

Key figures


Launch year

Wooclap launched its first version at the beginning of 2015.



At the moment, the platform is used in more than 150 countries by universities, training organizations, and businesses who use it for their training sessions and conferences.

1 000 000+


More than 1 000 000 instructors use Wooclap.



The platform is available in 6 languages. (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES, RU)

The platform

Introductory video


This manual explains how to operate Wooclap and describes all of its features.


  • Prof. Dr. Franck VERSCHUREN

    Professor für Medizin an der UCL

    Dank Wooclap liegt die Beteiligungsquote meiner Lehrveranstaltung bei nahezu 100 %.

  • Ryan WRIGHT

    Professor an der UMass Amherst

    Als Universitätsprofessor empfehle ich Wooclap jedem Dozenten, der seine Studenten aktivieren möchte. Meine Studenten lieben Wooclap.


    Partner bei EY

    Eine einfache und benutzerfreundliche Lösung, die die Gruppendynamik verändert und Interaktivität in die Schulungsveranstaltungen bringt.

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