Your Wooclap questions in Zoom Meetings

14.10.2021 • 4 minutes

With the Wooclap app for Zoom, offer Wooclap questions directly within the Zoom video conference window.

After the COVID-19 crisis, distance learning has become an integral part of education, most often within a hybrid model. This is why our teams have designed and developed the Wooclap app for Zoom.

Perhaps because the double "o" brings us closer together, we have been working since the beginning of 2021 with Zoom Video Communications, Inc to offer Wooclap questions within the Zoom video conference window.

What does the app do? Let's put an end to this hitchcockian suspense...

39 tools, no problem?

With even more teaching tools at their disposal, teachers are becoming skilled jugglers, one might even say acrobats. From LMS platforms to presentation tools, and now videoconferencing, the challenge of mastering all of them is enough to give anyone vertigo!

This is why the Wooclap app for Zoom pursues a simple goal: allowing teachers to use Wooclap without ever having to leave the video conference window. Not only can they retrieve their Wooclap questions and launch them from Zoom but also create new questions from the same interface!

Instead of thinking about which tools to use, where to find them and how to combine them... teachers focus on teaching, and students focus on learning. An intuitive scenario, but not always easy to orchestrate!

Wooclap questions in Zoom Meetings

Students answer without leaving the Zoom meeting window.

(Only one) rear window for students

At the risk of disappointing Hitchcock, for the students it also means one and only one window into the class. They log into Wooclap and answer questions directly in the Zoom meeting.

Plutôt que de réfléchir à quels outils utiliser, où les trouver et comment les associer… les enseignants se concentrent sur l’enseignement, et les étudiants sur l’apprentissage. Un scénario évident, mais pas toujours simple à orchestrer !

Lights, camera, action! Install Wooclap for Zoom

If you already use Zoom, go to the Zoom App Marketplace to download the Wooclap app! To learn how, visit our Help Center.

Sylvain Bitton
Sylvain Bitton

Content Marketing Manager @Wooclap. Using words and images like spells to enchant education, that is the mission that drives me every day. For all you learning wizards!


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