What are the benefits of using Wooclap for your presentations? Wooclap is a user-friendly online platform used in more than 100 countries in companies and universities to make their training sessions and meetings interactive. Wooclap makes it possible to measure understanding and react in real time to enhance the impact of the learning experience.

  • Training sessions

    Provide learners with energetic and efficient training sessions. It has been proven that gamification and interaction are powerful ways to enhance the learning experience.

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  • Workshops

    Increase collaboration and interaction during your workshops. A fun workshop stays top of mind. A good workshop encourages discussion. Wooclap helps you make sure your audience can participate easily and in a fun way to the debate.

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  • Education

    Engage your students with votes and questions and improve their memorization and participation! You can visualize their understanding and use the results to adapt your lesson or insist on certain topics.

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  • Events

    With Wooclap, the audience can participate and interact with the speakers. It will make your event innovative, memorable and surely stay top of mind!

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  • Meetings

    Don't waste time in inefficient meetings anymore. Wooclap helps you look at the same picture and have productive discussions while making your meeting fun and innovative.

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  • Conferences

    Wooclap helps you spice up your conference and drive conversation with your audience. It allows the attendees to express their ideas and opinions.

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What is an Audience response system?

Audience Response Systems, also called Electronic Voting Systems are electronic communication solutions and are often composed of a hardware and a software part. They provide real-time audience responses to a speaker, trainer, teacher or presenter. With Wooclap, no additional hardware or software needed: the participants answer with their own smartphone, mobile phone, laptop or computer.

What is an SMS text voting system?

SMS text voting systems are the easiest and fastest way to interact with your audience when there is no Wi-Fi or if they don't have a smartphone, computer or laptop. As the rest of Wooclap's features, it requires no special hardware or software. You can create a live poll, rating or question in just a few seconds and your audience answers by sending an SMS (or by voting online) from their laptop, computer or mobile phone. The answers are displayed in real-time in your presentation.

Denis Costermans

A simple and easy-to-use solution which changes the group dynamics and brings interactivity during training sessions.

Denis Costermans Partner at EY

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